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Nov 25, 2021

One aspect that is covered in your text and supplemental readings is the interaction between the individual and the organization in the form of a psychological contract; this will be the focus of this assignment. Your assigned readings have two definitions of the psychological contract. Furthermore, Oswald, Kolb, Ruin &Turner (2008) define the psychological contract as An individuals beliefs, shaped by the organization, regarding the terms and conditions of a reciprocal exchange agreement between individuals and their organization.The contract reflects among other things, the degree of trust within the employment relationship.

After reading your assigned readings please complete the following assignment and submit it to the drop box.

The topic of this assignment is to think back on a significant incident when you experienced a pinch or breach in a psychological contract. Pick an experience about which you are motivated to learn more; that is , there is something about it that you do not totally understand, that intrigues you, that makes you realize you lack certain skills, or that is problematic or very significant to you. It could have taken place at school, at work, in a work relationship or a social one (with a club or a group), or within a personal relationship.

Please use this form as your template and just fill in your answers. Please make them thoughtful and complete. The points assigned to each question should guide you with respect to the scope, depth and rigor of each question. There is no page length guideline, however I imagine that it will come in somewhere around 3 -4 pages total, depending on how much you enjoy writing (I have already used one for the template alone).

A. Concrete Experience

1. Objectively describe the experience (who, what, when, why, how) (8 %)

2. Subjectively describe your feelings, perceptions, and thoughts that occurred during (not after) the experience. What did others seem to be feeling? (8 %)

B. Reflective Observation

1. Looking back at the experience, what were the perspectives of the key actors (including you)? (8 %)

2.Why did the people involved (including you) behave as they did? (8 %)

C Abstract Conceptualization

1. Relate concepts or theories from the assigned readings (Chapter 3 in the HR text, and any supplementary readings) to the experience. Explain thoroughly how they apply to your experience. Please apply at least two concepts or theories and cite them correctly (APA format). (36 %)

D. Active Experimentation

1.What did you learn about psychological contracts from this experience? (4 %)

2. What did you learn about yourself (4 %)

3. What action steps will you take to be more effective in the future? (8 %)

E. Integration, Synthesis, and Writing Check list (Just a reminder of the things Ill be looking for in grading.)

1. Did you integrate and synthesize the four previous sections (A, B, C, &D)? (4 %)

2.Was the Personal Application Assignment well written and easy to understand? (4 %)

3. Was it free of spelling and grammar errors? (8 %)

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