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Apr 26, 2023
Assignment: You will be assigned a relatively small part of planet Earth. You will report on the different natural and environmental hazards in your area and describe their interactions and effects on your area from a systems perspective. You’ll want to report on what hazards potentially occur in your area. Some questions to consider may be what risks do these hazards pose to the population? How does the population mitigate these risks, or not. Why do these hazards occur in this area?
Do not turn in a paper that tells me how earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. occur in general. I already know this. I want to know how these hazards form in, and affect, your specific area.
For example, “Earthquakes occur when friction builds up along tectonic plate boundaries” is a general description, and not what I want to see.
In contrast, “Earthquakes occur along the San Andreas Fault due to friction building up between the North American and Pacific plates” is a perfect description of that location’s hazards and how they form at that area specifically.
The text will be 5-6 double spaced pages with one-inch margins, but should be no more than 7. This does not include the title page, reference cited, or figures. Use 12-point font. I suggest using Ariel, Cambria, or Times New Roman.
The area is Yangon, Myanmar.

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