Research on center progress report.

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Research Center Restructuring
It is paramount to discuss the current status of the center: identifying the strengths, weaknesses, and threats that can be involved in preparing a plan, building, or restructuring the center. The first step is to propose an organizational structure for the center, study the current organizational structure and development plans, and check the operational organization for development.

It will also be necessary to prepare the organizational structure, government, and human resources according to the national defense strategy. Strategy is also an aspect that has to be considered. The second step is to develop a strategic plan, goals, and a future vision for the center with the Kingdom’s vision 2030 and research directions. One of its most important projects is the Saudi Genome Program.

The urgent decision is another aspect to consider. It will be an urgent correction involving the development of a good action plan for the urgent correction. It will first involve analyzing the gap, evaluating the current situation, examining the current situation, and proposing an ideal situation to draw up a draft correction for restructuring.

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