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Mar 30, 2023

Unit Title: Research Proposal
Length : 1,500 words, Harvard
You will submit a research proposal to investigate public opinion on government restrictions in relation to COVID-19 in response to a specific brief (see below). A research proposal is a statement of how you will design the research though you will not do any actual research for this assessment.There will be opportunities in the classes to work on your proposal. Please see the ‘Assessment’ section on Blackboard for more details about the proposal and how to write it. You will submit the proposal electronically and it will be assessed by the teaching team and marks and feedback will be
released on Blackboard too.
Research Proposal Assessment – UK.

The research brief:
The Home Office is calling for research proposals to design a survey to investigate how the public feel about COVID-19 restrictions. In view of rising numbers of COVID-19 cases, the Home Office is keen to know the following:

Should the government introduce COVID-19 passports to restrict access to events to people who have been doubly- vaccinated?

Should there be tougher penalties on people who do not comply with COVID-19 regulations?

The brief needs to provide the following information:
Clear aims for the research and specify the research question
The advantages of the survey method for this research
A sampling strategy to gain a representative cross-section of public opinion
The questionnaire
Ethical and practical issues.

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