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Apr 26, 2023
17-20 page Cognitive psychology Research paper (not including title,abstract, and references). 15 Sources required and should be academic research studies and journal articles that are peer reviwed. Should include introduction, methods, results, and discussion sections. The study is about how stress affects recall of DRM word lists leading to false memory. Hypothesis is already given, The hypothesis predicts the false memory will occur when critical words receive cumulative indirect activation to a point where they can be interpreted as a memory. I predict that participants in high stress will recall less words. The article I need to base my research on is “The effect on mood on false memory for emotional DRM word lists”. Methods background info- recognition test and a stress scale was used and a survey was used using Qualtrics. There are 8 semantic lists and 8 non semantic lists. There are also other questions such as age, gender, race. Results section should include descriptive and inferential statistics with charts using SPSS. The study tested 45 college students.

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