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May 13, 2023

This signature assignment asks you to integrate information about the various theories presented in this course as a comprehensive analysis and reorganization proposal for a public state organization with recommendations for changes and improvements.


In times of crisis, public organizations and their leaders experience numerous pressures. Disasters, emergencies, and pandemics interrupt normal business functions by either reducing access to needed resources or adding volume to the organization’s operations. Communications may be interrupted, people needing services may increase exponentially, and outdated systems such as IT systems may not be able to handle increased demands on the organization. Those situations coupled with the tendency of many public organizations to move slowly and change slowly put the organizations at risk in unexpected situations. Both state and federal agencies are affected by chaotic and unexpected situations.

You are a new leader in a public organization. Your first major assignment is to reorganize the organization to facilitate its efforts to develop systems and processes that are flexible enough to handle both normal day-to-day activity levels and significantly increased levels. Select one of the following public organizations, or identify an equivalent organization of your choice:

State Unemployment department in your area
State Department of Motor Vehicles in your area
County Public Health Department in your area
Develop a package including an organizational evaluation with recommendations that includes a comprehensive analysis and proposal for changes to the organization and will:

1) optimize organizational structure

2) enhance leadership effectiveness

3) improve decision making within the organization

4) improve quality and efficiency of the organization’s processes, and

5) improve user satisfaction. Remember to address both normal circumstances as well as unexpected situations.

The organizational evaluation and reorganization package must include a written document, presentation slides for a presentation to leadership, and a one-page executive briefing paper for a handout.

Length: The evaluation and reorganization document must be 8-10 pages,

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