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May 30, 2023

Dance History and Appreciation Research Topics-only choose one for your paper
The relationship between music and dance
eg. Igor Stravinsky and George Balanchine, or Merce Cunningham and John Cage
The Ballet Russe and collaborations with ballet and other art forms
eg. Picasso and Ravel
The making of Jacob’s Pillow
African-American ballerinas: breaking the mold
Male dictatorship in the dance world
The evolution of ballet and ballet costumes
Dance in higher education
German modern dance in the Hitler era
Modern dance pioneers
Romanticism: The cult of the ballerina
Dancers: Are they athletes or artists?
Dance and Gardner’s Intelligences
Dance, culture and arts during the Great Depression
The Age of Petipa and the story ballets
Rudolph Laban’s theories and his influence on modern dance pioneers


Research Paper – a 4-page research and analysis paper with additional works cited page(s) for a total of 5 pages. Double-spaced in 12pt font, MLA format. A PDF or DOC file submission is required. DO NOT SEND GOOGLE DOC or any other type of entry.
Include a minimum of four references. Do not use class textbooks or Wikipedia as sources!
You are required to format your works cited list in MLA format. When producing works cited for a research paper, you only list the actual sources of information that you referenced in your piece of work. The authors and information that you directly quote or paraphrase must be referenced in your writing (using an in-text citation, see guide above) and included in the works cited. If you do use authors’ words without referencing them, you have plagiarized their work. All papers are checked against the internet, text material, and other college student submissions for plagiarism. If you plagiarize, you receive an F or a “0” and your paper and information are submitted to student life where you will be contacted for student misconduct.

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