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Apr 25, 2023
  1. Self-care is a deliberate act of care for your well-being through restorative activities. One of the risks to our well-being is emotional and physical stress. Stress is one of the leading causes of healthcare issues. Self-care can be done daily or weekly to focus on yourself. It can be as easy as taking a deep breath, or something that helps us relax when stressed. Self-care can also be practiced to show gratitude by keeping a journal of things you are grateful or happy about.

    The aim of this research is to examine and improve the way people can develop self-compassion through self-care. To find ways to reduce stress and maintain and enhance short and long-term well-being. To take care of your physical and psychological health. The research aims to find ways to promote positive health outcomes and ways to cope with stress. Interventions that promote self-care. This research examines the ability to apply mindfulness practice to the training of counselors and therapists. Research has shown the frequency of burn-out and compassion fatigue.

    Mindfulness training deals with these potential problems building strategies for both prevention and coping. Training in mindfulness can be Psychotherapists in training as they handle stress. Self-care has become the topic of much discussion in recent years. The goal of the research is to look at issues of counselor burnout prevention using self-care. Mindfulness is advocated as one of the most well-studied.

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