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May 12, 2023

Selling Marketing Business Project


You and your team are employed by Kassira Solutions, a business consulting firm
focused on customer satisfaction, efficiencies, and innovation. Your role is to
evaluate an existing business to provide them with a comprehensive analysis of
their current eco-system. As a group, select a business to become a strategic
consultant that focuses on a purpose, audience, and context of the outcome for the
organization and the customer. All businesses must be approved by your Professor.

Final Project requirements: Using the course learning outcomes, deliver a proposal
for enhancing the core business processes and increasing customer service. The
proposal will focus on the existing organizations with recommendations for each
area in bold. An example would be to update the logo to enhance brand recognition;
give the rationale behind your recommendation. Use key terms from the chapter
reading. This analysis assignment must be completed in a powerpoint format.
OUTLINE (What You Should Include In Your Analysis)

Summary of the Report – Abstract
– Introduction, what will be included, why you are conducting the
analysis, who is your audience, what information will be used, how
you will conduct the analysis; gather the information. Be creative,
understand what you are reporting, and be articulate.
Executive Summary
– Company Description – Brief overview
– Mission Statement
– Logo
– Vision Statement
External Analysis – evaluate the general and task environment
– Customer
– Competitors
– Suppliers
– Labor Market
– Technology
– Natural
– Sociocultural
– Economic
– Legal/Political
– International
SWOT Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and thread) – conduct a
corporate SWOT analysis based on the outcome of the external analysis and provide
an info-graphic.
– Include a summary of each component.
Create Decision Making Criteria Chart
– Based on the outcome of the External Environment Analysis and the SWOT, use the Decision Criteria Chart to identify
solutions to the stated problem.
– What market does the business service and should there be changes.
– Who are the clients and why
Organization and Management
– Explain the span of management for a major department and how it
should be restructured.
Description of each Department
– Include a brief description of each department, the functions, and reporting structures based on your
recommendation for restructuring.
– Include the original organizational chart and your recommended
organizational structure based on your analysis.
Final Recommendations to the client
– Include your findings, recommendation, and 3 long-term and 3 short-
term goals as support. The recommendations should come from the
decision criteria chart, external analysis, and SWOT.
Only one submission is required from each group, the only file that should be submitted is the .pptx (powerpoint) or similar file.

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