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Nov 25, 2021

For many years, Moss Bros. has kept meticulous records of its customers preferences, sizes, and past purchases. In 2013, the firms e-commerce director Neil Sansom began an 18-month initiative to capitalize on its extensive customer records to increase sales, in particular, online sales. Sansom called the customer data its golden records and set mining them. Beginning with its most frequent customers, Moss Bros. built profiles and tracked their transactions to identify what prompted them to make purchases. Then, using that information, they developed personalized marketing messages and sent them in e-mails that were carefully timed to appeal to customers at just the right moment.

Although the implementation of the system is in its early stages, the firm has found that the basic promotional message targeting that it can do at this point has already doubled their rate of success achieved with e-mail promotions. The more the firm learns about its customers, the more it believes it will be able to turn that new knowledge into additional sales and it is looking forward to even better results once it extends its analytics to include all customers.


1. In about 100 words, describe at least two specific examples of the type of marketing strategies that Moss Bros. might expect to see as output of their CRM system.

2. Draft a diagram that shows how you believe Moss Bros. might best connect its various data sources and use them to manage their customer relationships.You can use Figure 9-6 as a general guide. In an accompanying memo of about 150 words, explain how information flows through your diagram and provide details of the specific sources of each type of data you included.

3. In England, formal attire is expected at school proms, weddings, and at many entertainment events such as classical music concerts, the opera, and even certain horse races. In about 100 words provide at least two specific examples of how Moss Bros. might use social media to target e-mails to its customers promoting its formal wear rental services.

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