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Mar 29, 2023

This capstone unit provides students with an opportunity to integrate their learning throughout the candidature with current and future practice in a capstone experience. Students will apply their newly gained knowledge, skills, and values in a professional setting. Students are expected to satisfactorily fulfil 60-80 hours of capstone experience in the form of clinical/observational placement, research project, data audit, field/site visits, gap analysis or a mixture of different options. The unit also provides students with an introduction to the essential practical competencies in their specific Pathway and emphasises the interdisciplinary nature of health. On completion of this unit, students will be able to: (i) Synthesise learning in the context of professional practice; (ii) Develop a practice framework which is based on ethical, regulatory and socio-cultural contexts of the discipline; (iii) Demonstrate understanding of inter-disciplinary practice; (iv) Apply reflexive practice to identify and act on opportunities for learning/professional development; and (v) Appraise the theory to practice/practice to theory nexus in the context of professional practice. The University will assist in locating clinical, public health, and counselling related observations and/or placements where relevant. In addition, students will work in multidisciplinary professional groups to reflect on their role in the multidisciplinary team for the management of sexual and reproductive health issues. There is a compulsory on campus intensive teaching block for this unit of study in addition to the online learning activities. Exemptions and/or credit requests are not available for this unit.


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