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Mar 30, 2023

Module Code :- SHS7000
Module Title :- Applied Research Methods And Design
Weighting :- 100%
Assessment Type :- Assignment
To pass this assessment you must achieve an overall mark of at least 50% This is the only assessment for this module.
SHS7000 Applied Research Methods And Design Assignment – UK

Task/assessment brief:
The assessment for this module is based on a patchwork text approach (see explanation below):

You will complete 4 short written patches of approximately 1250 words each addressing different aspects of the module summarised below:

1.Mini-literature review (5 papers) and research question

2.Quantitative research case study – evaluation of methods and analysis of data

3.Qualitative research case study – evaluation of methods and analysis of data

4.Reflection on the development of your research skills – the stitching that draws together what you have learned from the other patches

Throughout the module you will have the opportunity to receive formative feedback from staff and/or peers on your patches, through the pathway-specific workshops/support. We encourage you to revise your final patches to take this formative feedback into account.

Please note: the pathway specific workshops/support are your opportunity for formative feedback on your work please ensure that you are up to date with the e-learning and attend those work shops prepared to discuss what you have covered in the e-learning, and the progress you have made with your assessment patches.

Full details of each patch are provided via the resources on the Assessment section of the SHS7000 Moodle module where you will also find written and video guidance on how to approach each patch.

Word count (or equivalent): 5000 words (+/- 10%)
This a reflection of the effort required for the assessment. Word counts will normally include any text tables calculations figures subtitles and citations. Reference lists and contents of appendices are excluded from the word count. Contents of appendices are not usually considered when determining your final assessment grade.

We suggest that you allow 1250 words for each patch however the word count will be judged on your over all submission not per each individual patch.

Academic or technical terms explained:
Patch work text: The metaphor of a patchwork refers to the idea that a variety of assessment pieces patches which individually are complete in themselves are stitched together into some thing new a patch work. It is a type of portfolio assessment but is distinct because the patch work which includes a reflective integrative summative stitching section is more than the sum of the individual parts.

Learning outcomes assessed
a. Identify and clarify research questions in order to embark on research-related activity
b.Locate obtain and generate data and information using appropriate methods taking into account principles of ethical research practice
c. Evaluate the credibility of sources, data and research processes
d. Manage research processes, organising information and data to reveal patterns and themes
e. Analyse information and data using appropriate qualitative and quantitative techniques to produce coherent understanding and identify emerging issues for further investigation
f. Communicate their understanding of research and apply it to relevant professional situations

Other skills/attributes developed
This includes elements of the Cardiff Met EDGE Ethical Digital Global and Entrepreneurial skills and other attributes developed in students through the completion of the module and assessment. These will also be highlighted in the module guidance, which should be read by all students completing the module. Assessments are not just a way of auditing student knowledge. They are a process which provides additional learning and development through the preparation for and completion of the assessment.

1. Ethical – students will understand core principles of research ethics and how to apply these principles in practice to their own research and professional activities
2. Digital – students will be able to use relevant software to perform quantitative and qualitative data analyses using appropriate techniques
3. Entrepreneurial – students will use their creative skills in the process of asking insightful research questions and developing appropriate research designs to answer those questions

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