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Assignment Task Overview:

This assignment serves as the fourth (4th) unit assessment task, which students must complete successfully to demonstrate competency in this unit of competency.

Activity Breakdown:

  1. Determine production requirements.
  2. Plan kitchen operations.
  3. Team briefing meeting (role-play).

Students are expected to address all criteria outlined in the performance checklist to achieve satisfactory results in this task.

Scenario: Feast of Flavours Story

Feast of Flavours was born from the dream of three school friends who envisioned opening a world-class restaurant over a bottle of Pinot Noir. After three years of perseverance, Feast of Flavours came to life, offering a culinary experience that celebrates global flavors and cultures.


Feast of Flavours aims to provide patrons with a delightful dining experience, showcasing diverse cuisines under one roof amidst an ambiance designed to complement the culinary journey.

Menu Options:

The restaurant`s menu spans breakfast, lunch, and dinner, featuring carefully curated local and international dishes. Feast of Flavours also offers a selection of cocktails and beverages crafted to enhance the dining experience.

Meetings & Events:

Feast of Flavours specializes in catering private and corporate events, ensuring prompt service and delectable food offerings.

Your Role:

You have been appointed as a chef at Feast of Flavours Restaurant, tasked with developing food production plans for upcoming events.

Purpose of the Assignment:

This task requires students to plan food production in commercial kitchens.

Tasks to be Performed:

  • Determine food production requirements based on the menu and expected volume.
  • Select appropriate food production methods to maintain nutritional value and quality.
  • Choose suitable in-house food production systems.
  • Gather and organize standard recipes for consistency and quality.
  • Develop ingredient, tool, and equipment lists based on menu requirements.

Planning Kitchen Operations:

  • Calculate food supply requirements based on production needs.
  • Create purchase orders for necessary stock items.
  • Compile a list of required equipment and tools.
  • Organize ingredient availability and equipment readiness.
  • Identify food safety hazards and critical control points.

Questions for Reflection:

  • What factors influenced your plan development?
  • Did you collaborate with team members during the planning process?

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