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Nov 10, 2023

Introduction To Human Computer Interaction

This assignment aims to assess learners` understanding of the fundamentals of user interface design and evaluation in the context of human-computer interaction (HCI), specifically focusing on usability.

For this assignment, you have to write a report on the following tasks:

1. Identification and Analysis: Identify a commonly used software application or website with evident usability issues. Once you havechosen, provide a detailed analysis of the interface, focusing on the usability problems. Discuss how these issues can potentially hinder the user experience.

2. Literature Review: Conduct a brief literature review of HCI principles, user interface design, and usability guidelines. Your review should inform the following tasks of your assignment.

3. Redesign: Based on your analysis and literature review, propose a redesign of the user interface of the chosen application/website to make it more user-friendly. Use sketches, wireframes, or other suitable methods to illustrate your redesign. In your design, provide justifications that reflect your understanding of HCI principles and usability guidelines.

4. Reflection: Reflect on the overall process, what you have learned from this assignment, and how it has affected your understanding of HCI, particularly in the aspect of usability.

Your assignment should be presented as a detailed report, including all FOUR tasks. Each section should be well articulated, following the HCI principles you`ve learned in this course.

Part II


Discuss the following topic(s) in the forum and submit proof of your participation in the online discussions:

We often interact with interfaces that are not designed with an optimal user experience in mind. These design flaws can make the interaction confusing, frustrating or inefficient.

1. Find an interface (e.g. a website, app or physical device) that you think is poorly designed in terms of usability. What specific elements make this interface a poor design? Please provide a screenshot or describe the interface in detail.

2. Based on your analysis, sketch a redesign of one or more interface elements to improve usability. You can draw this by hand or use a design tool.

3. Briefly explain why you made the changes in your sketch. How does your redesign improve the usability of the interface?

4. Respond to at least one other learner`s contribution with constructive feedback on their redesign

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