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May 30, 2023

Applying Social Cognitive Theory to Adult Obesity

Essay or Presentation (Student Choice): Social Cognitive Theory

In a 5-page paper (using APA format), illustrate how Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) concepts and principles apply to your identified health issue. What constructs of the Social Cognitive Theory would you use to develop an intervention for your identified health issue? My topic is Adult Obesity.

APA format please, with references.

Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) This week offers an introduction to the models of interpersonal influences on health behavior. Chapter 8 describes the defining characteristics of these models and discusses challenges in developing and evaluating interventions based on interpersonal theories and models. Chapter 9 addresses how individuals, environments, and health behavior interact. Chapter 10 focuses on social support and health. Chapter 11 provides a brief review of the history of social network theory (SNT) and social network analysis (SNA); describes the main components of SNT and SNA; presents examples of how SNT is applied to two health behaviors, contraceptive use and adolescent tobacco use; and discusses network interventions.

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