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Jun 05, 2023
In this unit, you have
engaged with Andy Weir’s The Martian and experimented with innovative
and imaginative uses of language, style and textual elements in order to prompt
emotional and critical reactions in readers.

Island is an Australian
online magazine which publishes short stories, poetry, and articles and essays
on topics of social, environmental and cultural significance from up-and-coming
Australian authors. The editors of Island have requested a submission from students for an upcoming edition on the theme ‘Survival and Culture’.

a short story that challenges or reinforces a concept represented in Andy
Weir’s The Martian. Your short story can be set in either the same or a
different time and place as the novel, and should use ideas, attitudes, values
or beliefs that underpin the original novel to influence your readers. Your
response should explore one of the following concepts:
Science, Human Ingenuity and
the Fight to Survive
Bureaucracy Versus Human
Solitude and the Human Need
for Connection
Morality and the Modern Media

In short, write a survival narrative that, involves one of the above dot points as a respresented concept.

Marking Rubric attached

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