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May 23, 2023
Introduce the article that you have chosen and begin to assess and analyze the argument asserted in the article.
The topic is Social Media and Mental Health
Sources should be cited using APA guidelines.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
Introduction: To begin your essay, you will formally introduce your real-world topic. As the foundation of your paper, your introduction should engage the audience and establish any necessary background.
Provide a brief overview of the topic. For example, you might consider why the topic is being discussed.
Describe any personal connection you have to the topic. Why is the topic of particular interest to you?
Primary Argument: In this section, you will explore the argument in your Primary Article. The Primary Article is listed under the Primary Argument on the Final Project Topics and Resources webpage. You will uncover the logical structure of the argument and investigate any bias behind its claims.
Describe the argument made by the article. Identify at least two premises and a conclusion.
Identify key facts, research, or resources the argument is based on. Provide specific examples to support your identification.
Logic and Reasoning: Explain the logic and reasoning used to advance the argument. In your response, address the following:
Identify the argument as inductive or deductive, explaining why.
Assess the argument for its strength (if inductive) or validity (if deductive).
Identify any weaknesses or gaps present.

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