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Jun 11, 2024

Assignment Task:

Social Media Strategies Campaigns Project


The aim of this project is to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of social media strategies, campaigns, and analytics. Working in groups, you`ll undertake tasks such as auditing a company`s social media presence, devising a social media campaign, formulating an influencer marketing strategy, managing a social media crisis, or scrutinizing social media metrics. Each group must submit a detailed report.


Select a Topic and a Company: Opt for one of the following topics and choose a company to apply it to:

  1. Social Media Audit: Conduct a thorough audit of the company`s social media presence across various platforms. Assess the content, engagement, and overall effectiveness of its social media strategy.

  2. Social Media Campaign Development: Develop a comprehensive social media campaign for a hypothetical or real product/service. This entails platform selection, target audience definition, content strategy creation, and engagement and analytics planning.

  3. Influencer Marketing Strategy: Devise a plan for an influencer marketing campaign, identifying suitable influencers, planning content, and measuring campaign effectiveness.

  4. Crisis Management on Social Media: Craft a hypothetical scenario where the chosen company faces a crisis unfolding on social media (e.g., a product recall or PR scandal). Develop a crisis management plan to safeguard the company`s reputation.

  5. Social Media Analytics: Analyze the company`s social media performance using publicly available data, focusing on metrics like engagement, follower growth, and sentiment analysis.

Report Structure:

  1. Introduction: Provide a brief overview of your chosen company and why you selected the specific topic.

  2. Methodology: Describe the methods employed for data collection and analysis.

  3. Findings and Analysis: Present your project`s results, incorporating visuals like graphs or charts to augment your findings.

  4. Discussion and Recommendations: Delve into the implications of your findings and offer actionable recommendations based on your analysis.

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