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May 24, 2023

Personal experience papers regarding sociological analysis on contraception, abortionand sterilization.


My Personal Experience consists of me having to take a contraceptive pill immediately after having sex with my boyfriend to avoid pregnancy. I was extremely emotional before taking the pill and extremely scared that I was going to get pregnant. My boyfriend tried to calm me down as best as possible as he reminded that I wouldn’t be pregnant and if so he would be the best dad to take care of our baby as well as, be an emotional support for me. With still high emotions and anxiety, not even a full 24hrs after the incident I darted to go find a contraceptive pill (Plan B) as I went from store to store in endedup finding one named “Aftera” at CVS for a reasonable price. After taking the pill my anxiety was still through the roof on whether Iwas bound to experience being pregnant and if the success rates for taking Plan Bs were accurate. I also then pulled out my flow chart to look at when I last had my period and if it was a more or lesser chance of me to still get pregnant. I found myself scrolling through to find answers from tiktok, YouTube, Google and Twitter as it seemed as though they all weren’t telling me what I wantedto her. A couple days after intaking the pill Inotice that my body and hormones started change unexpectedly. My boobs grew fuller, it restarted my period again after just getting off of it 3 days before the incident, I wascramping and experiencing random stomach aches, I was more emotional, I had a heavier flow and still had anxiety of whether the bleeding was because my period restarted or implantation bleeding.

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