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May 11, 2023
Analytical Framework
Social Topics
• Intersectionality
• Race and Ethnicity
• Immigration
• Class
• Gender
• Sexuality
• Media
• Criminal Justice
• Structure and Agency
o Social Structure
o Social institutions
o Agency
• Hegemonic masculinity
• Patriarchy
• Racism
• Racial formation
• Colorblind privilege
• White privilege
• Racist nativism
• Criminalization of immigrants
• Segregation
• Internalized oppression
• Assimilation
• Toxic inequality
• Gendered and racialized capitalism
• Workplace discrimination
• Racialized femininities
• Transgender or non-binary issues
• Learning masculinity
• Controlling images
• TOPIC STATEMENT(S) Engage topic statement(s) that entertains a sociological imagination in relationship to studying education
• THESIS STATEMENT Thesis Statement: should be a statement, on what you intend to prove in your paper. Thesis includes a mention of the main points to come. Should include the sociological framework you are using to approach your testimonial (e.g. Through an intersectional lens, I argue that as a first-generation American woman, I have experienced various levels of both oppression and privilege regarding my racial and gender identities that have deeply shaped my hopes and dreams.
• ROADMAP/Conclusion of introduction: include a roadmap of your paper. Which concepts are you using? (e.g. In this testimonial, I will first discuss how my gender has shaped my life and influenced my pathway towards a four-year university after high school. I will then discuss how…. I will finally discuss how….
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