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Mar 31, 2023

Unit Code & Title :- SP2604 Methodology
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Word Count :- 1500 words
Introduction :-
The purpose of this laboratory report is to assess your understanding of several concepts of angular kinematics and angular kinetics taught in SP2604 module.

Motion data from a person walking over ground gait is being provided in the attached Excel work book. For the analysis of the participant’s gait, you are required to calculate several kinematic and kinetic parameters in addition to parameters related to the biomechanical properties of triceps surae muscle tendon unit as instructed in the Methodology and Results sections below.

Use all information available to you (e.g., data in Excel sheets instructions provided under Methodology and Results lecture slides images and laboratory notes to write a succinct and accurate Methods and Results section.

• One Excel workbook containing your calculations. Save your Excel workbook as (Your Student ID_SP2604).
• One Word or PDF document containing your Methodology and Results sections. No other format will be accepted. Save your document as (YourStudentID_SP2604).
• Format your Methodology and Results sections according to the APA style.
• Total Word Count: 1500 words words in Tables Figure Captions and references will not be counted

Methodology – You are required to include the following information in a Methodology section.

A methodology section usually contains 4 parts: Participant(s) Equipment & Material Protocol Procedure Data Processing & Analysis.
• Incorporate information provided below in relevant sections participant(s) equipment & material protocol and data processing & analysis to write the Methodology section.
• To each sub-section above, add information which should be retrieved and/or calculated from data available to you and/or biomechanics textbooks (e.g., add equation used in the calculation of instantaneous velocity from a text book and cite the source in order to complete the Methodology section.
• Avoid using bullet points when writing Methodology The section should be written as an essay.

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