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May 11, 2023
For the seven situations listed below, you are to analyze and determine the appropriate control charts
to measure the process central tendency and if applicable, the process dispersion tendency and
determine whether the process is within the control limits and whether the process is under control. If a
process is not under control, recommend a special cause that should be investigated as to why the
process is not within control.
Submit a brief report writeup for this project. The brief report writeup requires the following sections:
Introduction: Explain here what exactly is the assignment and the purpose of the assignment.
Background: Explain here any equations/theory/methods/software etc. used for the assignment.
Methodology: Any calculations, tables, graphs, and actual work needs to be included here along with an
explanation of these items.
Conclusion: What trends are observed? What are the final values? Discuss whether the results are
reasonable or not. What are the recommendations?
Please write in the IT tense and also write in layman terms or explain things in a way that an non-
engineer can understand them. There is no guarantee that when you graduate and get hired, your boss
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