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May 30, 2023

As you discovered in the first week of this course, there have been a variety of SPED laws that
have been enacted in the United States to support the growing number of students receiving
special education services. Many of these laws were enacted at the federal government level but
got their start when a parent or guardian sought to find their child support in the school where
there was none. Therefore, many SPED laws in existence today came from parents suing the
school district over the lack of support or the maltreatment of their child in the school system.
This week you will be introduced to Stefan and his parents’ diligence to help him succeed in
school as a student in special education. Stefan’s case began as a due process hearing and
traveled all the way to the U.S. Court of Appeals. This assignment is designed to help you apply
SPED Case Law to the support provided in the classroom.
Read Stefan’s story and explore the links within the
website provided with this assignment. Write a scholarly paper describing Stefan’s situation,
what the parents wanted, and how the situation ended. You will conclude with the reasons why a
student needs to receive the correct services in SPED to become successful in life.
include are outlined as follows:

one-and-a-half pages, with citations from the case documents when paraphrasing or
directly quoting. Be sure to consider why it is important to know the laws surrounding
students with disabilities, determining where the school fell short in the case, and why it
is important to correctly identify the needs of a student in special education.

plaintiffs’ names; Brown VS. Board of Education), there will be one page of summary of
the two court cases and how they could support Stefan’s needs. These cases should
provide a rationale for your diagnostic impressions for Stefan. This section should be a
minimum of one half page.

successful. The entire paper, excluding the title and reference pages, should be a
minimum of three pages.

when you paraphrase or direct quote from a source (with the page number in the citation
when you directly quote from the source), and a reference page listing the sources used in
the paper.

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