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May 25, 2023

Suppose you were giving a speech on drunk driving. Your discussion post this week is to write an outline for the speech. Be sure to include (and label) all of the different parts of the introduction (Hook, Significance Statement, Thesis, Preview), body (problems, causes, and solutions), and conclusion (review, restate, link back).


  • Hook: Start with a compelling statistic or a powerful anecdote about the impact of drunk driving.
  • Significance Statement: Explain why drunk driving is a critical issue that affects everyone, highlighting the potential for loss of life and legal consequences.
  • Thesis: Clearly state that the speech will discuss the problems caused by drunk driving, the underlying causes, and potential solutions.
  • Preview: Briefly outline the main points that will be covered: the dangers of drunk driving, the reasons why people drive drunk, and effective strategies to prevent it.


  • Problems:
    • Detail the scope of the issue with current statistics on drunk driving accidents and fatalities.
    • Discuss the personal and societal impacts, including physical injuries, emotional trauma, and economic costs.
  • Causes:
    • Examine common reasons why people drive under the influence, such as social pressures, lack of awareness, and addiction.
    • Discuss the role of inadequate public transportation and social norms that downplay the seriousness of drunk driving.
  • Solutions:
    • Propose stricter law enforcement measures, such as increased sobriety checkpoints and harsher penalties for offenders.
    • Highlight the importance of education and awareness campaigns that target both young and adult drivers.
    • Suggest the expansion of public transportation options and the promotion of ride-sharing services as alternatives to driving under the influence.


  • Review: Summarize the key points discussed: the dangers of drunk driving, its causes, and the solutions to combat it.
  • Restate: Reiterate the thesis by emphasizing the importance of addressing drunk driving to save lives and improve community safety.
  • Link Back: End with a powerful call to action, encouraging the audience to take personal responsibility and support measures to reduce drunk driving.
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