Sports Broadcasts and the Problem of Amateurism in the NCAA

Every year big football and basketball programs generate billions of dollars from tickets and merchandise. The coaches get a cut the schools get a cut and obviously the NCAA gets a cut from the money made. But the players are not getting paid for playing and making the school known. Every time the players step on the field they risk getting An injury, and all that and not getting paid. A federal judge decision stated that big college sports are entitled money if there name or picture is on ads or TV broadcast.

A study has been done that big college football programs spend an average 43.3 hours are devoted to the sport. That’s more than 3.3 hours more than the average American works. Then NCAA says that there athletes are just amateurs and not old enough to get paid but a professor at UCLA says that NCAA athletes should get paid for playing for the school. During March madness the players who participate in the event miss an average a quarter of the spring semester. Northwestern university football players formed a union that they will get paid. But the NCAA filed a law suit against that.

Fun fact: the NCAA produces 11 billion dollars in annual from college sports, more than all the NHL teams combined. That proves that the NCAA is just feeding off the fame of the NCAA players, And they still refuse to pay them. In conclusion the NCAA should pay their players for the hard work there putting in.

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