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Sep 15, 2023

1. Investigate current study trends based on the selected study areas related to Civil Engineering.

2. You must review at least five (5) literature sources (technical papers/journals/books/thesis and other reliable sources) related to your proposed study areas. Research the literature, compare viewpoints and arguments, and identify gaps in knowledge. You need to interpret and critically evaluate previously published material in a formal literature review.

3. Prepare a report consisting of the following:

a. Research title.

b. Problem statement.

c. Objectives.

d. Tabulation of five selected literature materials

e. Systematic literature review (gap analysis, comparison, and explanation between five selected literature materials). Use proper citation in this section.

The systematic literature review (interdependence with many parts) should consist of the following elements:

(1) adapt related theories/concepts and studies on the subject area

(2) integrate the previous findings and conclude the uniqueness of the present work

(3) Proper citations include figures and tables taken from various sources

(4) Summary of important information given,

(5) Materials organized according to the theme with evidence of good organization and

(6) Provide some form of justification on why research should proceed. 4. Include the References used to prepare all the above in APA format.

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