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Apr 01, 2023

This Module Guide provides information about how to complete a Dissertation. It contains detailed information about the Module, the key staff running it, and its structure. The Guide also contains information about the aims of the module, and the mode of teaching and assessment. The last section of the Guide contains instructions on how to present and submit your assessment and the recommended literature for this module.
SSC302 Department Of Health & Social Care Assignment-Sunderland University UK.

Please read and understand this guide and always refer to it as you work on your dissertation. Also, please use this Guide alongside other university policies referred to in section 16.


This module is premised on the fact that the health and social care sector faces many problems and that these problems need to be solved. To be able to solve these problems, students studying health and social care require research knowledge and skills. It is for this reason that you are being required to complete a dissertation to demonstrate your research knowledge and skills. With this ability, graduates of health and social care will be able to contribute to improving health and social care
services at their work places or elsewhere.

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