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Feb 08, 2024

Assignment Task


1. This short course is made available to students at the SA National Defence College via Teams and according to the contact roster. There are two contact weeks: each with morning lectures as well as group exercises. The modulates appertaining to the se weeks will be communicated on the first morning of each week. The afternoons and evenings are reserved for private study time; this is sacrosanct.

2. Learning opportunities are provided in the form of formal lectures, class discussions, tutorials, work assignments (staff papers/research essays) and selftuition. The attendance of classes (contact sessions), as indicated on the general class roster, is compulsory and students must notify the professor / lecturer in advance and in writing, if they are unable to attend a particular period. In order to ensure sensible class participation, it is essential that you, as student, come to classes prepared (see paragraph 7). The covering of all the work during classes cannot be attempted. Lectures and discussions will focus on:

a. Organising study activities,

b. Providing overviews and/or frameworks,

c. Unlocking knowledge,

d. indicating relations, and

e. Providing opportunity for feedback.

The aim is to put you the student in the position to study successfully. Please note also that students are expected to keep a notebook, which must be brought to all meetings as the professor / lecturer will highlight certain issues and show the interconnectedness of the material.


a. Class participation. One or more persons will be asked to give a 15-minute summary presentation on the material prescribed for a specific theme. All must therefore come to class prepared: having critically examined the material. This will represent 20% of your final mark.

b. Assignments. Candidates are required to write and submit two research papers: 

i. Write a reflective paper explaining why South Africa deployed military forces between 1910 to 1939.

ii. Analyse South Africa’s internal security challenges and how they impacted on the mobilisation and deployment of its armed forces during World War Two (2) (1939-1945).

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