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Cloud Based Business Systems

Selected industry - Aviation Industry

Assessment - Research Paper

Learning outcome 1: Assess process management skills and enterprise systems tools to develop practical and ethical solutions to resolve complex professional problems that support business operations and informed decision-making.

Learning outcome 2: Research and communicate collaboratively and effectively to specialist and non- specialist audiences of operational role and strategic implications of cloud-based enterprise systems within a business context.

Task description

Step 1: The course team will assign you into student groups of 3-4 students. In assessment 3 you will complete a research paper in a group of 3 to 4 students where your group will conduct a literature review of academic and business research on the latest technological developments in next-generation cloud- based enterprise systems.

A literature review is a study of what has been published on a topic by accredited scholars and researchers. It conveys the existing knowledge and ideas have been established on a topic, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. One of main roles of a literature review is to amplify your knowledge about the topic. You can gain and demonstrate skills in information seeking and critical appraisal.

Assessment 3 Research Paper involves conducting an in-depth survey and study of the relevant literature with the aims of identifying describing and evaluating the use of new and emerging technologies in cloud-based enterprise systems using a Literature Review methodology.

The following links provide two example papers that help you prepare your Assessment 3 Research Paper. Please note that both papers are available for your access on StudyDesk under under Assessments - Assessment 3 Research Paper- Literature review section.

The main aims of your literature review will identify assess and evaluate the use of new and emerging technologies (1) Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), (2) Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchain in cloud-based enterprise systems in driving innovation, transformation and growth in an organisation in a specific industry sector assigned to your group.

Task details Step 2: Using the USQ library search facility and Google Scholar to locate suitable resources (i.e., peer reviewed publications, such as journal papers, conference papers, reputable industry white papers etc.). Review a number of the articles that most closely pertain to the adoption of new and emerging technologies in cloud-based enterprise systems.

Step 3: Write a research paper with the following structure and purpose:

Task 1 Research Paper Title and Abstract Provide summary of problem/opportunity investigated in your assigned industry sector, based on literature review: key findings and implications of adoption of new and emerging technologies in cloud-based enterprise systems (10 Marks 150 Words not included in word count - Please Complete this last)

Task 2 Introduction to problem/opportunity - describe the problem/opportunity being addressed by your assigned industry`s adoption of new and emerging technologies in cloud-based enterprise systems and conclude this section by specifying problem/opportunity as a general research question/main aim being investigated in your literature review. (10 Marks 350 Words)

Task 3 Based on the literature reviewed: discuss how adoption of these new and emerging technologies will drive innovation, transformation and growth in key business processes enabling a cloud-based enterprise system to provide improved information driven decision making including sustainability reporting (20 Marks 600 Words).

Task 4 Based on an analysis of the literature reviewed, explain your key findings in terms of the benefits and associated challenges of the adoption these new and emerging technologies in a cloud based enterprise system optimising businesses processes, reduction in repetitive mundane processes, cyber security, maintenance, sustainability reporting, interoperability and managing a data ecosystem in a multi cloud environment. (20 Marks 700 Words)

Task 5 Discussion of a Future Business Strategy that can further enhance the adoption of next generation of Cloud based enterprise systems that utilise new and emerging technologies along with examples, and recommendations that can prove that these strategies can boost productivity, efficiencies and usability (10 Marks 500 Words)

Task 6 Considers the implications of key findings of your research paper on the adoption of new and emerging technologies in cloud-based enterprise systems for professional practice, ethical design, proposed implementation model and ongoing maintenance requirements. (10 Marks 350 Words)

Task 7 Individual Group Member Reflective Journal (20 Marks 500 Words) Each Group member needs to maintain and complete their own journal for Assessment 3 Research Paper listing key activities undertaken by them as an individual group member in terms of date, time duration, type of activity and explanation of how their participation in each activity contributed to completing Assessment 3 Research Paper Tasks. Your evidence must be reflected in each individual`s participation and discussion posting in your MS Team Group.

Task 7: A Reflective Journal for each group member must be submitted individually by each group member using a spreadsheet file using the following format.

Note: Need only Task 2 and Task 5 only

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