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May 13, 2023

In the context of the given report, myself as a researcher will review my understanding of stakeholder management and leadership, my own individual capabilities as a leader and finally produce a strategic personal growth plan. The main purpose of the report is to design my own individual strategic plan of leadership in order to take myself from where I am now and where I will want to be in upcoming days. Furthermore, I will make a plan about my leadership attributes, own abilities and stakeholder management by utilizing diverse sources and methods. The researcher is solely responsible for his own life that is why he wants to prepare a development plan and secure his future.

Becoming a good leader is not an easy task, it is not fully dependent on my natural charisma. However, through a branch of simple actions, I can refine my skills in leadership and construct myself as a great leader. It is obvious that active listening is very much vital for not only myself but also for everyone in a good working environment. Directly engaging with the customers as well as followers and ensuring them that I can easily hear what they are saying is one of the effective ways to create strong bonds and make myself more accessible as an effective leader. The other exclusive characters that I should possess are to express my gratitude to my employees and followers, help all the individuals to understand their potentials, try something trending and innovative method to execute a critical task successfully and get involved at the bottom level. All those signs can easily shape a great leader.

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