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May 10, 2023
Answer :
Organization Selected : Hotel Taj


Strategic planning help business accomplishes their vision and mission and helps them to improve their organization at a large scale and to increase efficiency of their products and services. Help to establish smooth working in an organization and require for the overall development of the organization and to develop their products. It leads organizations to attain their target and objectives and establish them as to compete with their competitors. In this report, we are going to prepare how Hotel Taj is going to implement strategies for the overall development of its organization. Need to develop effective leadership that is able to motivate and guide their employees. The structural design needs to be maintained for smooth working in an organization. Require human resources to accomplish their aim and objectives and adequate utilization of employees in an organization. Critical success factors help hotels to know areas where they are able to establish their business. Analysis of different performance metrics

LO4 Factors Affecting

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