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        The Middle East Aluminium (MEA) did not take much time to achieve significant Behind this excellent development, the reason is the suitable size and nature of the company  With this growth and by detecting the internal capabilities along with , the company has successfully captured the global

        market through achieving competitive advantage over 

        Aims/ Objectives

        The primary aims this research is constructing a and

        help them to maximise the business through the effective operation and can extract the global market through Therefore, the overall aim is achieving

        the As per this aim, the objectives of this report are as


        • Determine the statement regarding
        • Defining the basic and significant competencies of
        • Analysing and describing the value chain, dealing with the supplier, internal process ad customer relationship of the organisation.
        • Explaining the current and future diversification strategies
        • Suggesting how the MEA can implement the proposed plan that can drive
        • Reviewing the efficiency of the strategies that as per Finance, Sales, Marketing, Human Resource, Operations, etc.


        The current report considers the drive the company to achieve the goals and objectives and attract the For

        this, respective objectives are defined in the above and that can be also considered within the scope of the study. In this report, the vision and mission of the statements of the company of internal and external factors ( Besides, the process regarding the implementation of the strategy and KPI based analysis to review the be considered within the recommendation part of this report.

          1. Vision statement

        The company as MEA intended to ensure significant growth in the Middle East and international to establish long-term growth and market share by maximising business in the global market as the largest multi-site aluminium products producer. Moreover, the manufacturers by ensuring the company operating its business functions as per the global regulations.

        1. Mission Statements

        The mission statement of MEA can be determined by following

        Therefore the mission statement the company is introducing as the largest

        1. Organisational value Statement

        By following the mission and vision of the organisation, the organisational value statement will be Establishing as competitive advantage, social responsibility and ethical integrity along with high-end-customer support.

          1. Company background and strategic movement

        The was founded five years ago and now they are multinational and have offices and divisions across Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Kuwait as well as in the market of Middle East. In the business journey, the company has achieved different manufacture grade as

        Besides, the company is involved in manufacturing a few customised products as per the requirements and suggestions of the consumers (Freeman,2010). In recent times, the MEA acquire raw materials as As there is no Cast House in the other operational divisions of the MEA,

        After the foundation, in between just 4 years that is a very short time, the organisation has successfully achieved significant growth that supported 

        By looking at these aims and objectives, the company has 

        They have also considered the relevant internal and external factors


        1. Strategic Plan

        The MEA has not only considered the significant growth in the Middle East market but also considered global expansion and the competitive 

        However, to achieve the competitive advantage over the large organisations in the companies within the international market, the company should ensure sustainable advantage by offering emerging products When the organisation will detect the

        proper context of competitive advantage, it will be easy for them to determine in which they need to focus such  Therefore, the internal and external factors should be analysed and diversification of currently used strategies that help to add value in the product lifestyle (Pearce 2000). These defined parameters will assist to enhance their performance as they can 


        For the identifications of key stakeholders of the company, it is important to

         The key stakeholders of the company are described in

         as per the stakeholders matrix and exceptions of them.



          Compliance with 
        Business of products

        Employees and related organisations

        Compliance with regulations
          Occupational health &
         employees Employee needs

        Shareholders and investors
        Company  Achievement of
        holders Sustainable organisational

          of Bahrain
        ministry Quality

        The interested people and parties in the development of the company are such as the owner of the company, . The interest and expectations of these parties will help the organisation to archive its strategic goals and objectives, as well as global expansion and markets, . Besides, the group of stakeholders are intended to focus on the long-term development of the company as they can

        become a market. However, the owner of the organisation

        and the equity holders have much interest in enhancing the core competencies of the organisation (Ansoff 2019). The employees as a main performance moderator, are looking for their intrinsic and extrinsic needs and that can be


        The stakeholder analysis in the above presents that their interest should be incorporated

        . Thus, the strategic plan will be such that it can facilitate the process of achieving long-term development and expansion in the


          1. MEAs Core Competency

        The fundamental competency of the company is locations of its offices and divisions across Saudi Arabia, Jordan Core competencies can be defined as

        the features and activities that provide advantages over other companies in the same sector (Fleischmann 2006). The business functions and market of product selling not only limited in the above places but .

        1. MEAs Distinctive Competency

        Among the all distinctive competencies of the company, the most important competency is it is able to produce  These billets are utilised for the implementation of finished products such as street lights. Telephone poles, lightweight bicycle frames, aircraft parts, quality metal case flashlights and high-end golf clubs (Katsioloudes,2012). Moreover, those billets are also considered for the production of different end-use products as per the customer the MEA is a

        wide range of aluminium grades billet that is 

        1. Porters Grand Competitive Strategy

        According to Porter, there are two different competitive advantage for any organisation such

        . The researcher has also added that the company can gain a competitive advantage over the competitors by ensuring cost effectiveness means producing production with less cost or offering a wide range of products (Samli 1998). From this concept, three strategies are defined and described such as 

        Figure1Porter sgenericcompetitivestrategies

        Source: (Porter and Millar, 1985)

        CostleadershipstrategyThis strategy helps an organisation to be established as a low- cost producer over the competitors in the respective industry. However,

         economies on the scale, technological interventions and preferential access to raw materials (PorterandMillar, 1985).

        Differentiationstrategy By following this strategy organisation can offer a range of

        , industry trend and future trend in the aim of achieving competitive advantages in case of end products. With the 

        concentrate on the features of products and the first priority of the company should be


        Costfocus strategy This strategy suggests 

        CostDifferentiationstrategy To follow cost differentiation strategy, the company should focus realise in which segment they will concentrate to be

        established as the low (PorterandMillar,1985).

        In spite of the issues of transporting the aluminium billets in different locations,

         There is always tough competition in the industry of manufacturing aluminium products. The main competitor of the company is Aluminium

         and produce aluminium billets (, 2019). The emerging competition in the global market drives the organisations to follow a differentiation strategy in case of product. However, the cost-leadership strategy is used for

        low-cost product that can . For ensuring a low-cost advantage in long-term the involved managers of the organisation should analyse and considers every aspect of product designing as much as possible (Miller 1986).

        1. Value chain

        The value chain is the network of value chain activities. The organisational input is covered by all activities into the output of the value chain. Through this activity every product is pass thus  and by the activities pass which of the input. The bellow this figure provides the illustrating Porters value chain model that can be utilised in the MEA context in order to analyse and examine all the value-added activities which are set to the inputs for their significant development to on the cost

        and in turn to impact on the profitability of the company (Porter and Millar, 1985). Those models of MEA has been identified the activities particularly analysed as per the scope of two areas such, at first, 

        Figure 2 Porters Generic Value Chain Source: (Porterand Millar,1985)

        The MEA� business processes, through the different

        production company that procedure from the supplier. The fundamental production units are products such as extruded poles, street light, Due to the

        fact that where the no casting house exists is allocated therefore the company has to deliver the billets weighing more The significant strategic


        the specific ad details of primary and support activities to reach the goals of the organisation, those this activity of MEA for marketing, sales and extending after sales service in terms of customers relationship strategy, is critical to mentoring the

        cost leadership strategy and identified the previous section in order to gain benefits of the cost leadership. According to Cravens and Piercy (2006), that cost advantage is the critical exploration of all the possible area, of each activity in the

        production lifecycle, it is imperative that the advantage of cost must be associated with each activity , marketing sales or maintain the customers

        relationship by the effienct6 of customers service. Project management, finance management, technical management, cost management, HR 

        Figure 3 MEA Value chain Adapted from: (DessandDavis,1984)

        1. Comparative advantage:

        The value added to the individuals activities has to give availing a competitive advantage in the value  Porters had to develop competitive strategies; the competitive advantage can be Differentiation is one of

        the key distinctive competencies of MEA,  of cost advantage at each activity in the value chain (Schuler and Jackson, 1987). Where the company has exploited this area by casting house development thus this area offers two


        1. organisational structure:

        MEA include into the organisational structure it settled in a centralised manner. The company based in Bahrain there are  The supplementary units are feast around as neighbouring . Administrative and managerial authorities are facilities for to level of critical decision making. This authority seated at, where the product is manufactured as well as primary product from which the company transported to the auxiliary units where they are significantly utilised for the production to complete the products. Increase control,

        s a benefit of centralised structure which has encouraged to the workforce in order to achieve the significant success in short term period as also made the business model that utilised very easily (KaplinskyandMorris,2000). In addition,


        1. External Environment Analysis
          1. SWOT Analysis

        The SWOT analysis It is considered to highlight the factor

        impacting of the organisation in the operating business market its most affecting to the internal factors of the organisation. Describe below SWOT analysis of MEA,

        Strengths: the company has been growing rapidly for 5 years. the current division of the company has been seen internationally in 

        Weaknesses: current cast house of MEA has been located in Bahrain. Transport the heavyweight to others MEA location . The company only manufacture billets if ignore as well as the sheet

        Opportunities: global aluminium markets have been forecasted to develop in the time period of 2013 and 2023. Developing emerging markets The

        Middle East and China always 

        Threats: in this case, the , Alba is Bahrain based aluminium smelter company it is largest within the Middle East. High is

        expected with global manufactures (FaulknerandBowman,1992).

        1. PESTLE Analysis

        PESTLE analysis tools have been mostly used for tracking and analyses of the

         or planning to expand their business within the organisation. The PESTLE of macro economically is included in the

        effect on the business of the company. Bahrain has been providing the PESTLE analysis for MEA in order to identify the impact on concern factors on the business of the company.

        The factors are explained below,

        Political:predicted of transition in government has led with the altered priorities for the aluminium industry. Now the governance system has 

        Economical: Investment in the private sectors company increase with a high disposable income of the investors .

        Social: the value based on Arab culture are mostly encourage


        Technological:innovative technology is set in its infancy in this sector within Bahrain. The competitor 

        Legal: there is comply the global pressure with international regulation but


        Environmental:every production needed t The priority of

        the innovative product has been significantly 

        The internal and external factors such as the strength of analysis are key in order to

        . Other than the SWOT analysis identified some inherent

        opportunities like to MEA and PESTLE analysis identified macroeconomic factors which are considered for that can help to the growth (Burn,1989).

        1. Organisational strategy:
          1. Diversification strategy

        Dependence of diversification strategy significantly to

        business expansion and assistance in the increase to the sales volume and income effective cost. Now the company has followed this strategy to

        complete the product (,2019).

        1. Vertical Integration strategy

        That kind of strategy for diversification is move and going to the

         better control all-over the product quality. Now the MEA is like own billets that are delivered into the production for as

        also engaging by the self-distribution by the company owned within the markets.

        1. Horizontal integration strategy

        Horizontal integration strategy could be referred to as the diversification strategy which can be useful while entering  It has been identified in the strategic planning process that  the perspective of cost leadership competitive strategy (Freeman, 2010).

        8.0 Global strategy

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