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Mar 30, 2024

Assignment Task


Digital technology continues to touch and shape almost every aspect of modern marketing commutations. The course aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the business (and business development) challenges and opportunities presented by the introduction of new technology.

Students will learn about the key concepts that underpin creating sustainable business models within the digital environment through modern marketing techniques with the emphasis on how disruptive technology can be used to effect and evolve multi-channel marketing.

The course is practical as well as academic in nature providing students with experience of developing digital strategy as well as tactics and tools. The module promotes skills enhancement (including social, site design search engine and app development) and also the necessary business, research and presentational skills required to build and deploy a real life dynamic digital marketing solution.

This booklet contains:

  • an introduction to the module
  • details of all learning interactions
  • details of the core textbooks via the reading list
  • information on assessment and feedback, including the coursework brief
  •  an overview of the entire module

Coursework Brief

Your coursework has been designed to test your ability to successfully complete a typical digital marketing management task. This will help you develop a range of academic, practical, and business communication skills. This simulates a real-life scenario so - put yourselves in the shoes of a real digital management consultant from day one.

Work on this assignment each week, do not see it as a typical essay with a deadline date, it is a portfolio you need to think about and work on each week of teaching (including practical). If you fail to do this, or ignore this advice, there is a strong chance you will be putting yourself under pressure toward the end of the module and not produce your best work.

Question and what you need to do

Using teaching, your own independent research and the IDM model (Kaufmann, 2014) create a professionally styled proposal detailing your recommendations on how to best to implement an IDM strategy that supports a social marketing cause or campaign. Social Marketing can be defined as the application of marketing concepts and techniques to exchanges that result in the achievement of socially desirable aims; that is, objectives that benefit society as a whole (Beverly Schwartz, n.d.).

You should provide detailed examples where appropriate to practically illustrate your points (or ideas) and write in a critical and compelling manner be-fitting of a document that will be presented at C-suite level to the organisation.

Use the following to guide you:

1. You may elect to focus on any organisation so long as it meets the criteria of addressing a social marketing problem.

2. You should approach your task as if you have been asked to conduct a holistic digital marketing refresh and create a new strategy supported by relevant tactics. Please be mindful of the scale of the challenge you pick as you will need to remain within word and page count limits. Include at least the following:

3. A neat problem statement summary for the client to show you understand the challenge or opportunity. (Title this ‘The nature of the challenge’ - guide: words)

4. Include each stage of IDM with recommend actions (including justifications and examples) (guide: 2,500 words). Note 1: as a guide you should spilt your efforts / wordcount in the following proportions as some sections will naturally need to be more detailed than others: DE=20% CP=40?=20% MR=20%

5. Youmust include evidence as screen shots of your practical work (e.g. using for webwork). Any screen shots you submit must be clearly identifiable as your own work, and not just general screen captures taken from the web. Tips on how to do this will be provided in lab. Failure to so do may result in severe penalty – please see the university’s plagiarism policy. 

6. Remember to write to the client, this is not an essay - it is a proposal (see Note 2)

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