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Mar 30, 2023

Module Code :- STRM075
Title :- Portfolio Report
Weighting :- 50%
The Assessment Task
You are asked to select ONE Industry of your choice (e.g., Tea Coffee House Chocolates Fast fashion Furniture etc)
You have just been employed as Consultant by the Strategic Planning Group and the Project Management Team of a company in the industry you chose You have been asked by the Chairs of the Strategic Planning Group and the Head of the Project Management Team to produce a rigorous, precise, report no more than 2,500 words excluding Appendices and References to be submitted to both Committees which does the following:
STRM075 Portfolio Report Assignment – UK

1.Provides an industry analysis examining the present structure of the industry (e.g., an overview the main leading companies the major production centres locations the main sources and locations of raw material supplies at the earliest stage of the supply chain and the major products customers and markets etc.).

NOTE: Provide an overview of the industry and not an extensive discussion on the issues

2.You are required to then carefully examine the main key stages in the industry value chain (i.e., from raw materials/primary commodity production to the supply chain to the production stage and to the main markets to identify un pack actual and/or potential ethical sustainability and Social Responsibility (SR) issues.

3.The remaining parts of the report should then focus on the company you are consulting for and should address the issues noted in A and B below

A. A well-argued section which elaborates on the actual and/or potential ethical sustainability and/or SR issues faced by the company. In this case, you are expected to draw from ethical/sustainability/SR issues identified as occurring at the industry level (i.e., Point 2 above) to identify and critically discuss those that have a bearing on the company you assume to be consulting for.

B. A section setting out what impact a response and non-response to these issues is likely to have on the company’s performance in the next 10 years. And also a discussion on possible measures for the firm to mitigate these issues.

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to:
a) Demonstrate systematic understanding of how to develop front-end strategising processes/procedures for sustainable business and development projects.
b) Employ advanced skills to complete an audit i.e., an examination of the quality or condition of an organization’s corporate social responsibility.
c) Display mastery in the application of appropriate models and practical/pragmatic tools of sustainability to specific situations.
d) Adapt knowledge and skills to the critical analysis of complex situations

Your grade will depend on the extent to which you meet these learning outcomes in the way relevant for this assessment. Please see the grading rubric in page 5 (below) and/or on NILE for further details of the criteria against which you will be assessed.

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