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Assignment Task


This is the capstone Structural Engineering assessment in the Construction Management Program, which requires students to incorporate learning from the pre-requisite course Structures 1, and be effective problem solvers using relevant Australian Standards, calculations, and capacity tables to select appropriate structural members (i.e. beams, columns) for the design of a small-scale building subjected to permanent, imposed, and other actions.

The concepts assessed pave the way for application in different contexts such as multistorey buildings, as Higher Order Thinking is required to evaluate which type(s) of load calculation(s), tributary areas and units to apply in a given scenario; and to draw conclusions about internal straining actions in structural elements.

The learning is required in the workplace as Construction Managers are expected to have enough engineering knowledge to read and understand engineering specifications, and to discuss proposed changes to structural elements with engineers


As a construction manager, having the confidence to understand the structural design principles and structural calculations leads to an enhanced understanding of structures, and working on construction sites there will be temporary and permanent structures which all need to be designed to a safe standard.

While completing this project it is important to think about the following questions which could be points to consider for the discussion in the written report:

  • When working on a construction site, why is it important to know if the structures, both temporary and permanent have been designed and built to a safe standard (think design capacity tables)?
  • What does a bending moment capacity of say, 200kNm for a beam 8m long, imply in terms of how much load the beam can safely carry and how the load can be distributed on the beam?
  • What does a 20kN point load represent on say, a 6m long beam, and what is the difference to shear and moment in the beam if the 20kN load is moved from the near the edge of the beam to the centre of the beam?
  • What are the differences between the following units of measurement?
    • kN/m
    • kN
    • kNm


a) You will design different elements of a domestic shed and prepare a  written report in response to each question listed in REPORT SPECIFICATIONS plus Video Presentation: maximum duration of 4 minutes in response to instructions listed in CONCEPT ANALYSIS VIDEO PRESENTATION.

b) Download a copy of the rubric (feedback form) and use it to make sure you have addressed the criteria listed for this assessment.

c) The following guidelines should be followed for submission of an assessment produced to a professional standard:

  • This assessment should be drafted in a report format, with title page, page numbers, contents page, headings, clear structure, and formal, professional language.
  • Your report must have an Introduction, Discussion, and a Reference List.
  • Line Spacing must be 1.5 spacing and font size 11 or 12.
  • All Calculations must be typed, in the body of the report. Note: Using equation editor in Word can help to reduce word count and contribute to professional presentation
  • Calculations – Include calculations to demonstrate your mathematical thinking and reasoning
    • Clear and informative diagrams can help the assessor follow your calculations and reasoning. Where relevant, include diagrams with calculations (e.g. tributary area’s for UDL calculations).
    • Correct Units need to be present and correct at every step of working.
    • Omitting units or showing incorrect units can imply a calculation makes no sense.
  • Handwritten calculations will not be assessed as they cannot be read by Turnitin.
  • Work that may not be typeable (e.g. hand drawn tributary areas) can be scanned into the word document.


This design project is particularly focussed on developing an understanding of structural load paths and the design process. To successfully complete this project, you will be required to design specific structural members of a domestic shed. The Learnings from Part A are to be incorporated into Part B.

To complete this assessment, you will be required to prepare a written report that identifies and explains a practical problem to be solved. It will describe a suitable design solution and include an evaluation and explanation of why this is the most appropriate design solution. You will also be required to prepare a CONCEPT ANALYSIS VIDEO PRESENTATION of maximum duration four minutes.

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