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Mar 30, 2023

Module Title: Study Skills for Higher Education
Assignment Type : Report
Level: 3
Weighting: Individual Report – 50%
Word Count : 1500 words (+/- 10%).
Learning outcomes assessed: As indicated in assignments tasks
University life requires learning a lot of new information from books, journals and case studies and students need to develop their reading skills to become more efficient readers.Additionally, they need to take regular notes to ensure that they do not forget the new information.
Study Skills For Higher Education Report Business Foundation – UK.

1.Identify important reading techniques that can help students become more efficient readers.

2.Discuss four methods of note taking that will help students remember new information.

You are advised to support your discussion with at least ten sources published during the last ten years.

Report Structure:
Ensure that the report has the following structure and contains the details outlined:
1. Cover page: essay title, student ID, name of course and university
2. Abstract
3. Table of contents
4. Introduction
5. Analysis and discussion of questions
6. Recommendations
7. Conclusion
8. In-text citations throughout (minimum 10)
9. Reference List (minimum 6 references)

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