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Jun 06, 2023

Submit a document with a short analysis (max. 500 words) of ONE aspect of education that has caught your attention and that has relevance to more than one country/region. The aspect could be: curriculum, teacher training, student learning, the physical environment of schools, the policy context of the government, or the involvement of parents, among others. The comparative analysis must involve at least two different country contexts and can either be north-south, north-north, or south-south comparisons. For example, you could examine Egypt (south) and Sweden (north) or you could examine education on First Nations reserves in Ontario (north) with education in Japan (north).


Things you will want to consider in your analysis:
ways in which the issue you have identified may be similar between the contexts
ways in which the issue appears to be different between the contexts
what may contribute to the similarities?
what may contribute to the differences?
what can we learn from your analysis of the issue in the different contexts?
Be sure to identify the two contexts in your commentary and respond to the questions above and any others that you think are helpful in engaging in the comparative analysis.
Please ensure that you check your spelling and grammar before submitting. The paper should be in essay style (not using bullets or abbreviated sentences). A table that aids in the comparative aspect of your paper is acceptable, however, should not replace the essay. Critically considering multiple sources of evidence is always welcomed (and properly citing and referencing these sources). Please add a title page and the page numbers. Always examine the course rubric to ensure you are addressing each of the criteria areas. Our preference is to use APA format style guide. If you are not familiar with APA, check out this resource from the Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University. Also, please check APA 7th edition for font and size.

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