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May 16, 2023
Create a research paper that walks through all aspects of life from 18-25, from developmental, emotional, cognitive and social perspectives. Your research should come from psychology peer reviewed library journals. Majority of the research comes from peer reviewed psychology journal articles. Show a strong foundation of multiple theoretical models of the paper. The theory of Emerging Adulthood is that when we turn 18 – we do not become adults. We maybe don’t even deserve adult privileges at 18. Summarize and describe what the theory of emerging adulthood is all about from a developmental, emotional, cognitive and social perspective. Jeffrey Jensen Arnett is the leading researcher in the field. You should integrate all four major views – cognitive, behaviorism, humanistic and psychoanalytic perspectives into the paper. A properly formatted Works Cited should be included within the paper. Journal articles have to be full-text, psychology-based, peer-reviewed journal article research.
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