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May 30, 2023
I do not need a whole essay writing. I received mine back stating that I had missed certain criteria – please read the feedback received from my tutor as well as the descriptors for my work. I have attached photos as well as uploaded my essay. My essay doesn’t need changing, just adding the bits that I missed. And please no plagerism as I run my work through a system that detects it before sending it. I need this completing asap.
Comments from teacher –


Objective Not Achieved. Comment: *You have not yet explained three theoretical explanations for prejudice and discrimination.What you need to do here is be clearer about what the actual explanations are for prejudice and discrimination – what do they say about what this is and how it comes about? Information about authoritarian personalities has been randomly added in and I am not sure how this is related to what is being asked of you because this isn’t related to anything you should be explaining.

*You have not yet evaluated legislative responses to discrimination and prejudice.The issue in this section is that you have not actually referred to any legislation and so the content is not relevant to what is being asked of you. What current legislation exists in order to try and educe discrimination and prejudice? Try and think of at least two examples and then evaluate them – do they do what they set out to do or not and what evidence do you have to back ideas up?


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