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Sep 25, 2023

Dissertation - Research Methos and Project Planning

Low-power wide-area networks - IoT networks

Abstract: A summary of the dissertation highlighting major points and describing the dissertation`s scope and conclusions. 

Acknowledgements: Anyone you wish to thank.

Table of Contents: Detailed breakdown with chapter headings, section headings, and maybe subsection headings, each with page numbers.

Table of Figures: Location, number and legend of all figures in document (optional)

Chapters of Content




1) Abstract, Introduction, Motivation: abstract should be a bit more succinct abstract should be a bit more succinct.

2) Literature Review: Try to avoid casual language and use of us/we/le.g. "What excites us"). Citations are generally used well and properly formatted as are the references. 2015 isn`t recent years I would say and also try to get more up to date refs if possible (one going back to 1997). No reference for ("LoRa and LoRaWAN, 2019). Watch number of brackets around citations. Watch your use of auxiliary verbs (e.g. "few panels have `been` designed as routers`) On page 11 you talk about "our test" do you really mean that you ran this test back in 2012 (according to the citation)? Some of the sections seem a bit out of context, e.g. the decision trees so think about your structure. Although you have a glossary, expand on acronyms on the first use.

3) Requirements and/or Proposed Methodology: Requirements should be "What not How" and should be numbered and sorted into Functional and Nonfunctional.

4) Project Plan: No development in the Gantt chart? Also very generic. Dates would be good along the top. Strengths: The literature review section of this work covers a lot of the work done on LoRa and the good and negative points of using it as a communications system.

Weaknesses: There is no plan for what will be done in this project`s second part. The methodology given seems to apply to the work shown in the literature. A project plan is given but only covers the work already done and not what will be done.

Improvements: The overall aim of the F21RP project is to create a solid foundation for the work conducted the semester after, which has not been done in this project. To improve this work, the student needs to read their literature review again to find what work they will develop in the second semester.

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