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May 13, 2023

Summary of “The Geoengineering Gambit”This assignment will test your skill at summarizing a scientific article, “The GeoengineeringGambit” by Kevin Bullis (2010), which concerns the radical proposal to cool the earth using aglobal-scale engineering initiative. Summarizing scientific literature is not as straightforward asit may sound, especially where the source contains abstract concepts or technical jargon thatmust be processed and inventoried first. In order to summarize effectively, one must:(1) perform a close reading while distilling out essential points (keep pen/highlighter in hand!)(2) filter out non-essential details that might distract from the essential points(3) synthesize these essential points in hierarchical or subordinate relationships(4) convey these points in a coherent way while mindful of the reader’s perceptionsGuidelines– Geoengineering, like most issues involving climate change, is a controversial topic andyou may embrace strong feelings about its proposed implementation, but in thisassignment you are summarizing the concept, not reacting to it. Do not color the facts (aspresented) with your impressions or interpretations.– Length should be 1 ½ pages and no longer than 2 pages. Longer summaries are often worse because the writer failed to weed out non-essential points and did not order the essential ones logically.– You will determine the number of paragraphs necessary to complete the summary, but itis unlikely you will need more than three. An effective summary can even be produced intwo paragraphs as long as the organization is sound. Remember our class lessons on topicsentences and paragraph unity.– Include at least one (1) quotation and one (1) paraphrase, formatted correctly andintegrated properly. read the attached article.

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