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Mar 15, 2023

PSYCH/614: SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY WK 2 - SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT: SOCIALCONDITIONING REFLECTION BLOG2PSYCH/614: Social Psychology Week 2 - Summative Assessment: Social ConditioningReflection BlogIntroductionSocial conditioning can be seen as a sociological process focused on training peoplewithin society to respond in a way that is generally acceptable and approved by the community.People tend to condition themselves into specific behaviors and roles, particularly as a result ofhow they perceive themselves, their misperceptions, personal biases, and in some cases,heuristics. In some situations, people tend to fall into the trap of social conditioning based ontheir roles, attitudes, and behaviors. Social conditioning plays a major role in teaching peoplehow to act, feel, want, think, and most importantly, what to believe, particularly in ways that areacceptable within their societies and, most importantly, where they want to fit in too. Socialconditioning is one of their easiest way of learning because it is hard to forget. This paper willpresent some examples of major instances I have encountered and how social conditioning couldhave been avoided in general.

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