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Jan 17, 2024

Assignment Task


Complete the assigned module from SIMTICS and submit the certificate. Simulation test certificate is what I am after for this assignment! You can also do the quiz test for self-study!

  • If your chosen module is thyroid, parathyroid or neck, the SIMTICS test simulation to be completed is thyroid and parathyroid
  • If your chosen module is Scrotum, the SIMTICS test simulation to be completed is male reproductive organs (ideally scenario 1, you can click on the test a couple of times to get the scenario 1) 
  • If your chosen module is breast, the SIMTICS test simulation to be completed is breast

2. Image Interpretation

a. Choose an image demonstrating pathology in the module chosen. The image can be sourced from the workplace, a textbook or a journal article. Appropriate referencing is required for the image. If the image is from workplace, a supervisor consent form must be submitted. Proforma can be found under the assessment tab.

b. Describe the image, characterize the pathology in the chosen image. The sonographic features are to be documented as a sonographer worksheet using appropriate terminology to describe clinical presentation and findings. Include normal appearances and/or measurements of the superficial part involved. Appropriate referencing is required for this documentation. c] A simple line diagram/drawing with labelling to represent the pathology found is essential. This can either be embedded within the worksheet or as a separate entity.

3. pertaining to the pathology.

1. Define the condition. What is the aetiology & prevalence of the condition?

2. Describe the pathophysiology involved in this condition.

3. What questions would you ask the patient to elicit relevant additional information? How would you extend/modify the scan according to sonographic findings and clinical presentation? Justify by using research evidence to support your answers.

4. Comment on how you would apply he sonographer’s code of conduct in terms of patient care and privacy in this case.

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