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Mar 31, 2023

Module: Supply Network Design and Global Logistics
Assignment 1: Individual Written Piece – Supply Chain Network Design Report (60%)
Length: 4,000 words
Over length Assessments
There are penalties applied (see below) if you go over the word count by 10%.

Unless other wise specified the published word limit:

1. excludes references in footnotes appendices reference lists and bibliographies but
2. includes other footnotes, quotations and in-text references and citations.

The penalties which must be applied to work which is overlength are:
1. 10-20% over the specified word limit, a penalty of 10%
2. more than 20% over the published word limit, the work will be awarded a mark of zero

Assignment Brief
In this assessment you will be required to write an individual piece of work in the form of a report to the senior management of a medium sized company in your own region. You can write about any company of your choice and should either choose one where a good level of information is publicly available or one you work with. The company should trade locally and globally. The report will require you to analyse current issues and developments in local and global trade logistics, and will use methods and techniques from the module and your own academic and practical research. You will also need to advise the company on adjusting its production schedule using an optimiser from information given in the assignment.

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