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May 04, 2023
    • Suppose your group works as a virtual team in a Saudi company that deals with local and global clients. The company main purpose is to provide digital marketing services and solutions. A task has been given to you by the CEO. The task includes building a connection with a South African brand that wants to open an office in AL Khobar, Eastern Province. The task is considered completed when you propose a strategy to the international company representative and receive their feedback.

      The group needs to be divided as follows: one team manager, one representative from the international brand, one technical support expert, and one or two general members.
      Write a reflection on your group work process in creating the team, choosing the tools, working on the tasks and reporting the strategy to the client.

      Reflection  [20 marks]
      The reflection should be written after you establish a successful virtual team. The reflection should describe the process of 4 main components of virtual management: team building, tools, procedures, and task management. Use these guidelines on how to do so: 

      Virtual Team: (5 marks)
      In this section, you need to describe the workings of your virtual team.
      Name your team: Black & White
      Who are your team members, and what are their roles? ( The number of members is five )
      What are the personal objectives for each member?
      What is the collective goal for your team?
      Refer to the four different stages of team building? Have you experienced these stages (discuss)

      Virtual Tool (5 marks)
      In this section, you describe the process of choosing a tool for your virtual team.
      What virtual tool did you use to manage the tasks? (provide pictures)
      Describe the features this tool has (provide pictures).
      Why did you choose these tools? What are the other options?
      Suppose your budget was SAR 10k; how did you use that budget to get the best possible tool? 
      How frequently does the team meet? How long is each meeting? (provide photos of the team meetings at different times)
      What are the meeting minutes? How have they been used effectively? (provide an example of your team meeting minutes).

      Virtual work dynamics (5 marks)
      How did you create a virtual office?
      What are the challenges that you faced in your work? (discuss from different roles’ perspectives).
      How did you utilize vacation time, holiday times?
      How did you divide the workload?
      What are the challenges that your team faced in communication? (discuss from different roles’ perspectives).

      Reports and presentations (5 marks)
      Provide an example of a proposed strategy that your team worked on to make the marketing campaign successful for the international company.
      The report should be 300 words that describe the best practices of doing virtual marketing in Saudi Arabia.
      The report should have an introduction, brief strategy, and conclusion.

      Include graphs and statistics to support your report.
      The international company representative in your team should provide his/her feedback on the report (one or two comments)
      The rest of the team should address those comments.
      Conclude your reflection.

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