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May 03, 2023



The understanding of Social Work practice is not only focused on ethical implications in the life of every human being. For many people, it also is attached to personal mindset and opinions towards a society which is not managed or even taken seriously enough so that it directly affects and create a need within the person to make a change or become part of a change themselves ( 2020). My belief and mindset are not directly relevant to what I have seen or have experienced in life but my opinion about certain prospects in life are more focused on a specific part of the society which in many ways is integral yet it forgets the other prospects that also needs to be looked upon. The following reflection essay is focused on presenting personal values about social work practices along with understanding ideologies as well as the ideological environment of human service practice associated with personal understanding. The work further analyses and discusses the statement associated with social change and social control in the light of personal values and ideologies.


To think and talk about my values in the practice of social work there are many different factors that I would believe have pushed me towards this specific cause in life. At one point be ideology and the opinion of becoming someone who could bring out a change and create a positive scope of transformation in the world where concepts like peace as well as dignity or equality are easily becoming a major prospect for every person. For me, these concepts always matter to help me understand the direction of growth that I was taking toward becoming a social worker (Rice, Day and Briskman 2018). A crucial reason of personal value that I have related to social work practice is to be the prospect of change within the society not only for the minority communities of the communities that are often taken into consideration for the lack of support they have been able to gain socially but to also look at the overshadowed part of it all. On one hand, the women`s community, as well as the minority community based on factors like ethnicity or race, are the focus of Social Work practice across the world however the population within the hierarchy of the society of the men in the world are often ignored for the factor of the gender Supremacy that they hold. However, as a social worker, I focus on and hope to be a part of a world where this discrimination does not occur and the problem and the pain of every human are regarded similarly. This is one of the core reasons why I have invested a huge amount of my time in researching and supporting men who specifically have suicidal tendencies to work towards suicide prevention specifically among older males.

This is one of the core reasons why my ideological framework for my ideologies that underpins my practice is prominently focused on the idea of being someone who has to create an equal world for all. Not only that my focus is relevant to the idea of providing support to all in the right way as all the major issues within the society are not only directed to specific people based on specific prospects like gender or even raise but to every human being. The biggest example to understand the same is the increasing number of reported cases of sexual harassment among men in the current time along with increasing cases of depression faced by them ( 2022). My ideological Framework in no regard completely takes away the opinion that there is a disadvantage that is faced by a specific community or a specific gender more than others who in the eyes of the society are the stronger part of the community as well as the stronger part of the society but in reality, it is more distinctive towards the idea that everyone in this world deserves support and sympathy from the people.

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