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Apr 10, 2023

Unit title & code :- Marketing for the Air Transport Industry (TAL054-2)
Assignment number and title :- Assessment 1
Assignment type :- Business Report
Weighting of assignment :- 40%
Size or length of assessment :- 1,200 words (+/- 10%)
TAL054-2 Marketing For The Air Transport Industry Assessment 1 – UK

Unit learning outcomes :-

1. Demonstrate extensive and detailed knowledge of well-established theories principles and practices related to marketing within travel and air transportation in an international context.
2. Creatively apply the acquired knowledge and skills to designing effective marketing strategies and plans within travel and air transport through written and visual formats.

What am I required to do in this assignment?

Activists take over billboards to call out impact of flying on global carbon emissions. Samples are provided in the PPT pack within the assignment 1 folder on BREO.

You are to write a business report on a marketing campaign of an airline of your choice concerning sustainability of air transportation. The air line should have global visibility and activity on social media.

In preparation and prior to assignment submission, you are to produce a short list of three airlines that should be submitted along with reasoning why these three airlines fit the criteria. One of these three should be agreed with you and the lecturer prior to you starting work on the submission. Your critique should highlight and apply at least one model theory that you have learnt in the syllabus and provide evidence-based examples to support your work

TAL054-2 Marketing For The Air Transport Industry Assessment 1 – UK

This assignment is made up of three main parts:
Your report should:
1. Elaborate on the 4Ps of marketing used by the airline.
2. Define the communications components that make up the campaign
3. Critically analyze the effectiveness of the selected (and agreed) marketing campaign.
4. Finally based on your understanding of an effective marketing campaign you should consider and include recommendations for how the selected campaign might have been improved.

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
• Clearly define the meaning of effective marketing campaign
• Ensure the work is clearly in the context of air transport industry
• Demonstrate how the chosen campaign contributes to its overall effectiveness in reaching international market.

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