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May 01, 2023


Letter Of Advice: Private And Confidential

Tax Consultants



Dear Reader

With respect to our recent conversation and meetings we are requesting you to kindly see below our advice in regard to the three important cases that was wished by you.


The ultimate scope of this letter is to provide you advice regarding the decision unfolded in three below stated cases. These are as follows;

  1. Weeks v. Federal Commissioner of Taxation - (25 January 2013)
  2. Sanctuary Lakes Pty Ltd v. Federal Commissioner of Taxation - (24 May 2013)
  3. Walker v. Federal Commissioner of Taxation - (14 March 2017)

The reader must note that the letter simply ignores any kind of tax consequences that would happen given that there is any kind of surplus in assets of taxpayers. The pertinent evidences as well as assumption on which the information is based is simply attached in the summary of advice. On finding that any of the facts or assumption is not in accordance with the understanding of readers, please feel free to reach us directly for the reason that this may make an impact on the assistance that is given. The current letter of advice is simply based on the essential tax laws, case law references and rulings because we understand its use in the decided cases.

Summary Of Advice:

We have also summarized below our view in regard to every one of the cases that is drawn above. We have attached a comprehensive conversation regarding the issues related to our guidance for your examination. We are recommending you strongly to read the conversation in respect with the assistance given.

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