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Jul 17, 2023

Assessment Task:

“Talk of ‘saving the planet’ is overstated… Earth will be fine, no matter what; so will life.  It is humans who are in trouble.” Stewart Brand.

In the context of the Global Economy, assess how a combination of MNCs, the state, and technology can facilitate a movement toward more sustainable globalization.  Use the Assignment Grading Scheme table below as a guide to the areas of analysis.

You should structure the assignment with an executive summary introduction, analysis, and conclusion.  You should also critically analyze the relevant theory and include relevant tables and graphs.

  • Executive summary (this is a 10-line summary of the report that outlines your findings);
  • Introduction (this introduces the assignment and details the points you are going to talk about in the paper);
  • Discussion and analysis of the main points;
  • Conclusion (this concludes what you have talked about).

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