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Nov 25, 2021

In Block 3 Part 1 you met an idea for a taxi-sharing app, the scenario for which is briefly summarised below.
Hundreds of people work at the Open University campus in Milton Keynes, and many of them travel between the train station and the campus. The University puts on a shuttle bus at peak hours  but what happens if you travel outside of peak hours? You either catch a taxi (which is costly), or you try to catch a local bus that takes ages and is pretty infrequent.
What if there was an app that would let users travelling to the Open University campus link up with others also travelling there and share a taxi?
In Questions 1 3 of this assignment you will explore different aspects of this idea.
The questions are based mainly on Block 3, with some material from earlier blocks and some research by you.
If you are not able to complete every task you should still do as much of it as possible, and include any code you have written in your solution document, since any parts that are correct will still earn some marks.

Question 1 User interface for mobile web app
This question is concerned only with the presentational layer of the proposed app: its user interface. At this stage you are not required to implement any business logic.
a.As outlined above, employees of the Open University might welcome an app that allowed them to share taxis between the train station and the campus.
Most employees have their own mobile devices, some running iOS (e.g. iPhones, iPads), some running Android (e.g. Samsung, Google Nexus) and a few running other operating systems.
List five functional requirements for the proposed app, following the format for functional requirements in Table 2 of Block 3 Part 5.

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